This is a podcast about the ancient and practical philosophy of Stoicism.  I am by no means an expert on the philosophy but have been studying it for a while and I think that its practical wisdom is something that many people will find valuable.  I am doing this podcast for two reasons.

Primarily, I am doing it to further my understanding of the topic. I am also doing it as an introduction for others who might be interested in finding  a way to approach life that promotes contentment, satisfaction, moral living and the helping of others.

This blog may not be updated too often, as I am focusing on the podcast rather than the blog.

I hope that this podcast is not your only investigation into the philosophy, there are many great modern and ancient stoics out there for you to check out. You may find my Links page useful for getting started on your journey.


You can check out the show on Itunes, Stitcher or Youtube!


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